Near Miss Reporting – Practical Advice

If near misses are such a rich source of information for accident prevention, why is it sometimes difficult to get near misses reported?

A Lean Safety Approach

The term Lean Production was popularized by Womack et al. to name a Japanese production system that had been developed by the automaker Toyota Motor Company several years after the Second World War. The Toyota Production System (TPS) was inspired by Ford’s mass production system, but deeply ...

Plan, Do, Hope, Pray is Not a Safety System

What Is a Safety System?

Strengthening Management of Safety Barriers

In the first article of this series, “Reflections on Safety Barriers”, we discussed some general principles of safety barriers and proposed a wide operational definition. The second article, “Assessment of Safety Barriers”, described one possible way of doing a hazard and safety barrier assessment, ...

Assessment of Safety Barriers

Barrier assessment in practice - an example In the first part if this trilogy, Reflections on Safety Barriers, we argued that focus on safety barriers is one way to deal with some of the shortcomings of traditional risk assessments. We further talked about general principles and posed a wide ...

The Leading Indicator Journey

The Case for Leading Indicators

What are near misses?

What are near misses? The disputed territory between lagging and leading indicators.

Reflections on Safety Barriers

This is the first article in a series of three articles dealing with safety barriers. The first part of this ‘trilogy’ will deal with some general reflections on safety barriers and barrier assessment. The second part will discuss a practical method and example of how this can be done. Thirdly we ...

Predictive Analytics Are Proven and Pervasive – From Hollywood, to Business, to Workplace Safety

What do Brad Pitt, Nate Silver, and Alex Trebek have to do with predicting and preventing workplace injuries?

If Safety Starts At The Top…Where Does It Finish?

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