Risk Perception Needs to be Managed

Often in my career of managing safety/risk I've recognized that what I’m really trying to manage is peoples’ perception of risk and not some empirical “risk” value. People don’t tend to solve problems they don’t believe they have, nor do they put a lot of their effort into safety if they believe ...

A Primer on Risk Management

We couldn’t possibly start to manage our safety challenges effectively without a clear understanding of what “risk” is and how risk can be managed. There are many websites and texts available to explore the intricacies of the Risk Management Process so I won’t repeat all of that good work here. ...

Practically Safe - A structured approach for effective control of safety risks

You live in the real world. You have a business to run, or maybe a department or shift. You want your employees to be safe. You have systems with safe practices and procedures. You are developing an organizational culture that places a high value on safety. But still there are occasional incidents.
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