Safety Introvert’s Quiet Message - A Message of Diversity

Wallflowers are under appreciated.  I’m not talking about the rock band fronted by Jakob Dylan, son of 60’s rock legend Bob Dylan.  No, I’m talking about the unassuming, shy, serious, soft-spoken, thoughtful folks that would rather read a book than attend a party.  You know, the sort of ...

The Leading Indicator Journey

The Case for Leading Indicators

The Anatomy of Pencil Whipping

It is time to point to the elephant in the room and acknowledge 'Pencil Whipping' during data collection such as with Behavior Based Safety observations. Pencil Whipping is a euphemism used to describe when workers, supervisors, and, yes, safety managers, fill out observation cards, sometimes in ...

Safety Management by Walking Around, Part III

In Safety Management by Walking Around, Part I & Part II of this series we covered the definition and importance of management walkarounds as well some advice on how to conduct them effectively.  In this last article of the series we’ll look at some additional implementation tips and challenges and ...

Integrated Safety Management System (ISMS)

(Adapted from “Creating & Maintaining a Practical Based Safety Culture©”)

Safety Management by Walking Around, Part II

In my last article, “Safety Management by Walking Around, Part I”, the critical importance of work observations by managers (and others) was examined.  Keep in mind that these work observations are NOT traditional low value inspections of work space, nor are they limited to observations of a ...

Safety Management by Walking Around, Part I

Much (perhaps too much) of the safety literature of the last few years has focused on employee driven “behavior-based safety” peer observation programs. The fact remains, however, that safety is a line management responsibility. Implied in that responsibility is the need (obligation?) to fully ...

The Role of Culture in Injury Predictability

The Two Aspects of Safety

Why Your Next Safety Program Will Fail: A Call for Change Management

Guest Blog Post by Dr. Chuck Pettinger, Implementation & Change Manager at Predictive Solutions
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