Got Data?…Then use it!: Using your Observations to Assess, Sustain and Evolve your BBS Process

October 11, 2016 @ 1:00 pm ET - 5:00 pm ET

Speaker: Chuck Pettinger & Dan Preston

Lately, it seems, you cannot open a business journal without seeing the phrases big data, business intelligence and predictive analytics. The latest corporate buzzword is “Big Data.” With over 700 million hits on a Google web-search, many people, groups, organizations and even countries are discussing how to make use of all this “big data” that lays before them. A more important question, however, might be “how do we use this data to make a difference in peoples’ lives?” Big data is often solely associated with managing large amounts of diverse data. But more accurately, big data is about asking new types questions, exploring hunches, and making data-driven decisions. Business intelligence and analytics will be a part of everyone’s jobs, if it is not already. And, there is no better area in organizations that could benefit more from using big data and business intelligence, than our safety departments. The safety field collects a plethora of safety intelligence from training records to behavioral observations. Unfortunately, this critical safety intelligence is often not used, miss-used, or just plain ignored.

This workshop is going to create some data! We will begin by defining leading indicators, outline a process for creating organization specific leading indicators and then have groups identify which types of data are key indicators of a strong safety culture (i.e., “cultural proxies”). We will also explore the different levels of analyzing your data and how organizations can use simple predictive analytics to help assess how well a new BBS process, for example, is being rolled-out. We will also discuss the role of data in looking at the quality of our observational data and how to use this as a coaching tool for individuals, teams and processes. Finally, the class will learn key concepts on how to sustain initiatives though the use of data and other key indicators of an evolving safety culture.



October 11, 2016


1:00 pm EST - 5:00 pm EST

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