PEC launches first-of-its-kind predictive analytics tool for workplace injuries

MANDEVILLE, La., Nov. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- PEC Safety announced the launch of PEC Predictive, which empowers Hiring Clients and contractors to predict risk and help prevent workplace injuries.

PEC Safety CEO, Colby Lane said: "Powered by over 42 million data points across the PEC system and informed through a powerful machine learning model, PEC Predictive is industry's most powerful tool for predicting the likelihood of an incident - helping Owner Clients and contractors use data science and leading indicators to prevent workplace injuries and mitigate risk."

PEC is the only compliance management platform on the market with predictive technology as part of its contractor management toolkit - an innovation in the industry that will help bring workers home safe.

Lane added, "PEC Predictive is powerful because it leverages data from across all of PEC's clients and contractors and delivers this as an individualized predictive rank for each contractor. For our Hiring Clients and contractors, this will prove especially beneficial in their efforts to focus their limited risk mitigation resources in areas where they will be most likely to prevent a recordable incident."

PEC's proprietary modeling system was built in collaboration with Predictive Solutions, an Industrial Scientific Company. Predictive Solutions leads the industry in predicting injuries before they occur through identification and correction of at-risk behaviors and hazardous conditions. Predictive Solutions' employees have dedicated their careers to eliminating on-the-job deaths in this century.

Kent Szalla, General Manager of Predictive Solutions, added: "Partnering with PEC on this project has been an honor. Both companies are laser focused on keeping people free from harm at work, and with this synergy, we've built a partnership that delivers real value to our clients. Even more exciting is that we were able to achieve an equivalent grade A score on the industry standard Receiver Operating Characteristics (ROC) curve, which will help companies with decision support and, most importantly, keep people safe."

To learn more about PEC Predictive, visit

About PEC Safety

Over two decades ago, PEC Safety pioneered standardized learning content and contractor management solutions for industry - revolutionizing safety on a global scale. Now the largest interconnected safety network in the world, PEC remains committed in its mission to partner and innovate with industry to help bring workers home safe.

PEC is headquartered in Mandeville, LA with offices in New Orleans, LA. and Houston, TX. For more information, visit or call 800.892.8179.


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