3 Ways to use Safety Management Software to prepare for OSHA’s Crystalline Silica Rule

According to OSHA, more than 840,000 construction workers are exposed to respirable crystalline silica levels that exceed the new permissible exposure limit (PEL). To save an estimated 600 lives annually and prevent 900 new cases of silicosis each year a new rule was scheduled to go into effect to ...

What Makes an Effective Safety Professional?

An effective safety professional can exist in any industry, under any management style. What matters most is the manager. Managerial effectiveness varies, but it comes down to three components: Technical proficiency Teamwork Character

Identify, Record, Develop: Training and Engaging Your Workers

In order to initiate an effective safety program, managers must apply critical thinking principles to engage and train the workforce. Training and engagement are two key components to any well-rounded safety program. While they're different, bringing them together in a synergistic way can work in ...

Why Do Safety Inspections?

Work site safety inspections can be a vital part of your injury prevention efforts if done well. Most companies conduct periodic worksite safety inspections. This process is part of the traditional landscape of a comprehensive health and safety plan. At regular intervals, someone within the ...

How to really use Big Data and 21st-century technology by Nick Bernini

We are constantly hearing words like “Big Data”, “Data Scientist” and “Predictive Analytics” – but what do they really mean? How can they help to predict incidents and drive prevention? What is the importance of engagement? And how will that drive the predictive model?

Follow the Plan-Do-Study-Act process for safety improvement managing & mitigating risk

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Chuck Pettinger, Ph.D., Named One of the Top 50 Leaders for Today and Tomorrow by ISHN

Chuck Pettinger, Ph.D., process improvement leader at Predictive Solutions, has been named to the list of Top 50 Thought Leaders for Today and Tomorrow by ISHN Magazine. Pettinger was recognized for his extensive work with predictive analytics and cultural change methodologies. Pettinger and his ...

Predictive Solutions Launches New, Simplified Level of SafetyNet

Predictive Solutions, the world leader in predictive safety software, is pleased to introduce SafetyNet Basic. SafetyNet Basic serves as the introductory level of SafetyNet software, allowing users to easily view and manage their safety data.

Predictive Solutions to Present Webinar on Leadership Analytics in Safety

Chuck Pettinger, Ph.D., will present “Leadership Analytics: The Missing Piece in Your Journey to Safety Culture Excellence” tomorrow in a webinar hosted by Safety + Health magazine. 

Approach and Coach – Making Safety a Value

You are heading down the highway driving over the speed limit and you see a police car at the side of the road. Your reaction?  Slam on the breaks and slow down. You pass the police car hoping they don’t pull you over; to your dismay, you see lights in your rear view mirror and a few minutes later ...
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