ISHN: Reduce incidents with universal metrics for leading indicators

Predictive Solutions’ very own Cary Usrey writes about the use of data analytics to identify leading indicators of workplace incidents in this article, featured on Industrial Safety & Hygiene News.

EHS Today: Improving Productivity for the Safety Professional

Featured on EHS Today is an article by Predictive Solutions’ very own Cary Usrey. Cary explains how technology enables safety professionals to “work smarter, not harder.”  

Fix The Employment Problem With Workplace Safety Solutions

Introduction The trends are unmistakable - our changing demographics underscore that workplace safety solutions have never been more important as a tool to attract, maintain, and retain productive teams. The generational gaps in the workforce are widening and the ethnic, economic and gender profile ...

The Blind Spots of Behavioral Safety Programs

An Introduction to Behavioral Safety Programs Behavioral safety observation programs are a mainstay in many safety systems that are looking to move beyond compliance and get employees involved. The idea is pretty straightforward – have employees observe other employees performing job tasks. The ...

Building a Climate for Culture Change: 3 Key Concepts for Your Safety Evolution

Do you have a plan to sustain your safety initiatives?

Safety Inspections: How Often is Enough?

While implementing a robust and sustainable observation program for companies, one question comes up often:  “How many safety inspections should I do?”  My answer, of course, is, “It depends.”  As cryptic as it may sound, it is true. Safety inspection frequency will depend on several factors:

The Why, When, and How of Safety Audits: Everything You Need to Know

Most companies conduct periodic worksite safety audits. This process is part of the traditional landscape of a comprehensive health and safety plan. At regular intervals someone within the organization sets out to critically observe in an effort to identify and rectify hazards. Most organizations ...

Why Your Methods of Gathering Safety Inspection Data Aren't Working

You began with the best intentions and celebrated an early success. The company never had a Safety Inspection program before – but as the Health and Safety leader you managed to find the resources, influence executive support and start one. After the first year the results were obvious – half the ...

How BBS differs from other safety processes

BBS (Behavior Based Safety) is a process which focuses on employee behavior during work tasks or in reaction to nearby environmental events. These can include poor lighting, other equipment failures, process breakdowns, or other work conditions.

Safety Observations, Safety Prediction and the Ohio State Fair Tragedy

The recent Ohio State Fair ride collapse is still being investigated but the tragedy reminds us of two important key concepts in your approach to safety observations - Risk can be difficult to manage and it is critical to document the work you are doing.
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