Construction Executive: Wearables for Construction

Joseph Kopko writes for Construction Executive about "Wearables" in the construction industry. Kopko defines a wearable as a piece of electronic technology that can be comfortably and easily incorporated into the clothing or personal accessories of employees to collect health & safety data while they work. By integrating wearables into your construction workforce, you are essentially implementing risk monitors around every work activity from multiple perspectives.

Maintaining a safe, proactive and predictive work environment starts with understanding the variety of data points associated with every work activity. The benefit of a digitally connected workforce is to capture data and information about workers and activities that may have been previously unknown. The responsible analysis of that data should lead to the development of processes and strategies that are more so than ever in line with the safety of workers. Predictive Solutions' SafetyNet is considered a wearable because it is installed on a phone or tablet, allowing for data collection around workplace risks and hazards on the go. SafetyNet gives workers the ability to quickly make "safety suggestions," assess risk levels, and help leaders decide where to allocate safety resources based off a risk predictive algorithm.

Click here to read the full Construction Executive article to learn more about wearables and how construction leaders use this data.


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