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The trends are unmistakable - our changing demographics underscore that workplace safety solutions have never been more important as a tool to attract, maintain, and retain productive teams. The generational gaps in the workforce are widening and the ethnic, economic and gender profile of our workers is rapidly shifting.  Your successes as a business leader will largely depend on your ability to adapt. Census data shows that by 2020, Millennials, born between 1980 and 1996, will make up almost half of the workforce.  To find your competitive advantage you quickly have to learn to lead a younger, more diverse employee.  


So what do millennials want and how do we meet their needs?  Gallup’s study “How Millennials Want to Work and Live” found overwhelming evidence that, as a whole, the generation seeks meaningful work in which they are engaged both from an emotional and a behavioral perspective.  In addition, they demand jobs that provide a sense of “well-being”. Workplace safety solutions are a meaningful way to connect – to protect valuable workers, to set employees on a righteous path and to engage them with a mission that speaks to their desire towards being part of a larger community and mission.

How Workplace Safety Solutions Fit In

The Millennial worker has a particular affinity towards authenticity and will look to work for companies whose actions and words are closely aligned. Workplace safety solutions reinforce the culture and processes that work together to communicate that safety is more than just a corporate buzzword. Safety solutions can include equipment, training, behavioral safety programs, and technology.  It’s where the” rubber meets the road”.

The modern worker is also increasingly technologically savvy.   According to a Careerbuilder survey, over 80% of workers have smartphones and of those that do most keep them within eye contact at work.  While this is could be a distraction, it is also an opportunity for leaders to connect workers to greater productivity through mobile device delivered tools to collect, monitor and report safety data with efficiency and depth not previously possible.  The smartphone cameras allow photos, voice to text and location services that allow greater executive insight to the worksite.

There is a capable and willing workforce waiting to fill open positions.  Executives must embrace that today’s worker is different – better in some ways and with new challenges.  Workplace safety solutions and technology have never been more important to attracting talent and getting the job done profitably.

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Nick Goodell

Written by Nick Goodell

Improvement Leader, PSC. Nick has 15+ years of experience in insurance, risk management, and safety software.

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