Predictive Solutions to Participate in Webinar on Predicting and Preventing Workplace Injuries

Griffin Schultz photoOn Wednesday, January 29, Griffin Schultz will present “Predicting and Preventing Workplace Injuries – a How-To Guide” in a webinar hosted by Safety+Health magazine.

PITTSBURGH, PA, USA – 22 Jan 2014 – Griffin Schultz, general manager of Predictive Solutions, will present a webinar on Wednesday, January 29 at 1 p.m. (EST) entitled “Predicting and Preventing Workplace Injuries – a How-To Guide.”

In this webinar, Schultz will describe how big data, analytics, and prediction relate to the world of safety. Following a review of the theory and methodology behind predicting workplace injuries, Schultz will provide examples of companies that are successfully employing prediction to keep their workers safer. These examples will serve as the basis for a “how-to” guide.

Schultz is responsible for all aspects of Predictive Solutions’ business – a fully owned subsidiary of Industrial Scientific Corporation. Prior to joining Predictive Solutions, he held various positions at several technology companies and has extensive experience applying technology solutions to business functions.

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