It's All About the People

It's All About PeoplePublication: MCS Magazine
Issue: September 2012

Rejuvenating a stalled safety program through Step-Change Services

In 2006, Southern Company’s Engineering and Construction Services (E&CS) group, who provide design, engineering, and construction management services to its parent company, implemented a behavior-based safety observation program supported by a safety software solution known as SafetyNet from Predictive Solutions. The solution delivered advanced and predictive analytics capabilities.

Though they immediately saw results with a safety incident rate that fell by 42 percent throughout the first year, their program and results started to stagnate as the engagement of their people waned. From 2008 to 2009, their incident rate was reduced only by 12 percent.  Read the full article here.

Chuck Pettinger

Written by Chuck Pettinger

Implementation & Change Manager at Predictive Solutions

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