WorkPlace Solutions: Human Behavior

Publication: Safety + Health Magazine

Issue: September 2015

QUESTION: How does trust impact safety behaviors?

Responding is Chuck Pettinger, process change leader, Predictive Solutions, Oakdale, PA.

ANSWER: “You can’t trust Melanie, but you can trust Melanie to be Melanie.”

Trust plays a crucial role in our everyday lives. I trust that my alarm (or dog) will wake me. I trust that my son’s teacher is providing a quality education. I trust that my employer operates a safe work environment. Trust is the firm belief in the reliability or strength of someone or something.

But what factors play a role in building and keeping trust? Perhaps a more revealing question would be, what degrades or erodes trust when it comes to safety in the workplace?

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Chuck Pettinger

Written by Chuck Pettinger

Implementation & Change Manager at Predictive Solutions

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