How SafetyNet is Helping Me

At the Predictive Solutions 2015 customer conference, several customers shared how SafetyNet is helping them and their organizations to save time, save money, increase efficiency, and – above all else – keep their workers safe.

“The biggest benefit of SafetyNet for me is that I can pull out the information I want real time. It doesn’t require extra effort on my part to get the extra information I need.”

“I believe the biggest benefit of SafetyNet is the analytics it brings. I can go in in the morning and see my dashboard, and I know where to focus my team’s efforts for the rest of the week.”

“SafetyNet solved the main problem of an overabundance of paper reports. Just too many reports for me to analyze (previously).”

“The main benefit of SafetyNet is the ability to access big data with the click of a mouse.”

“The benefit that we have is we’re actively engaged from our executive level leadership all the way down to our field engineers.”

“It gives accountability to our projects. As a safety manager, it gives me the ability to go in at any time and take a snap shot of what is going on at a project.”

“It helps us to make the decisions that we need to make. Either today or three years from now, we have the data to make a very clear and informed decision.”

“The return on investment is that families are able to go home to each other. It’s worth every penny for Predictive Solutions.”


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