Don't Drown in Big Data

dontdrowninbigdataPublication: ISHN
Issue: June 2015

Safety Big Data sets can be used to predict workplace injuries with accuracy rates as high as 80-90 percent, according to a white paper based on research conducted in collaboration with a team from Carnegie Mellon University, one of the leading institutions in the field of Big Data analytics.

Safety Big Data sets can also be used by organizations to create leading indicators to improve safety outcomes:

  • A Fortune 150 energy company reduced its injury rate by 67% within 18 months
  • A Fortune 150 manufacturer reduced its lost work day rate by 97% within one year
  • A top five public U.S. university saved more than $20 million in insurance fees by reducing injuries across four years of on-campus construction projects
  • A top 20 construction company achieved significant safety improvements including 90% of worksites experiencing no lost-time incidents
  • A top ten specialty contractor reduced its workers' compensation fees by 57% and 66% two years in a row even while total hours worked was increasing

To read more, download the full PDF article here or view the online article on ISHN.


Griffin Schultz

Written by Griffin Schultz

While employed by Predictive Solutions, Griffin Schulz was responsible for all aspects of the business including sales, delivery and strategy functions, as well as product management, software development and marketing initiatives.

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