Data miners - Companies are gazing into the future for injury prevention

Data miners

Publication: Canadian Occupational Safety Magazine
Issue: August 2013

Huge data that may be wilting away in company servers could have a bigger purpose in the organization than just satisfying compliance requirements. Experts are saying it may just be the key to the age-old quest for total injury prevention.

Through data analytics (also called, predictive analytics), some companies are finding good use for data gathered over a number of years in bringing injuries and fatalities down — which can only be good for the bottom line. Anything from safety-related stats (safety inspections, near-miss reports, losttime injuries) to broader corporate data (employee demographic, equipment maintenance reports, performance bonuses), data experts say all have the potential to produce great intelligence for safety applications.

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Griffin Schultz

Written by Griffin Schultz

While employed by Predictive Solutions, Griffin Schulz was responsible for all aspects of the business including sales, delivery and strategy functions, as well as product management, software development and marketing initiatives.

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