Big Data & Safety: Are Near-Misses Leading or Lagging Indicators?

Big Data & SafetyPublication: Canadian Occupational Magazine
Issue: February 2014

The latest corporate buzzword is “Big Data.” Thus, you cannot open a business journal without seeing the phrases big data, business intelligence and predictive analytics. Big data is often solely associated with managing large amounts of diverse data. But more accurately, big data is about asking new types questions, exploring hunches, and making datadriven decisions. If big data is not a part of your business world today, it will be in the very near future. And, there is no better place to start than within your safety department. The safety field collects a plethora of safety intelligence. Unfortunately, this critical data is often used too late, misused, or just plain ignored. Download the full article here.  

Chuck Pettinger

Written by Chuck Pettinger

Implementation & Change Manager at Predictive Solutions

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