Thomas (TJ) Lyons CSP, CRIS – Mr. Lyons is a safety professional living in Warwick, New York, working for Innovative Technical Solution Inc. of Walnut Creek, California. With a strong background in construction safety and industrial hygiene, he focuses on reducing or eliminating risk through proper planning, implementation of best practices and lessons learned at the project level with a focus on driving from risk management to risk elimination.Board certified as an Occupational Health and Safety Technologist and Certified Safety Professional, he is proud to have taken some of these skills to his local community. A past assistant chief, NY State adjutant fire instructor (hazardous materials) and EMT, he sees the need to drive safety from the field to the home as often as possible. In 2001, Mr. Lyons was awarded the IRMI Gary E. Bird Horizon Award for his efforts in implementing the OSHA Voluntary Protection Program on the first construction project in the state of New York. He has presented at the IRMI Construction Risk Conference and is often found heading up a table at the Construction Café. Mr. Lyons was a past chapter writer for the American Society of Testing of Materials (ASTM) and for the recent American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) Construction Safety Management and Engineering Volume 1 and has recently penned a chapter on preplanning for the second edition currently in the works.

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Construction Safety: Stopping Killing Conditions

Safety professionals are often perceived as alarmists. When you stop a project because a crane is just "a bit off level" or isolate a work area because the rebar is not capped, you can be seen as "just a bit too careful." The common retort from those overseeing the work you stopped is, "Really? ...

Safety Inspection ConKills and ConFoils

Having done SafetyNet inspections for almost a decade, I like to explore the data collected – the “whys” of the observations. They allow me to glean insight into the ability to forecast and focus from what we see in the observations. Keeping good people from getting hurt is always the goal. I ...
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