Scott Falkowitz

Scott Falkowitz, OHST, CHST is the Manager of Client Services and a Process Improvement Leader at Predictive Solutions. He has spent the majority of 20 years focusing on leading sustainable improvements to safety in the workplace across a variety of industries. Scott holds a B.S. in Occupational Health and Safety and an A.A.S. in Fire Science.

Recent Posts

Identify, Record, Develop: Training and Engaging Your Workers

In order to initiate an effective safety program, managers must apply critical thinking principles to engage and train the workforce. Training and engagement are two key components to any well-rounded safety program. While they're different, bringing them together in a synergistic way can work in ...

Defining Management Commitment for Safety

Management commitment is a term we hear frequently from regulatory agencies, in forum discussions, in training and from our peers and mentors.  I often wonder if we really understand how to define it and the steps required to incorporate it into our safety programs. We should first preface this ...

Corrective Actions are Not One Size Fits All

Publication: ISHN Magazine

Transitioning From Old Traditions to a BBS Process

Publication: OH&S Magazine Issue: October 2014

Accidents Cannot Be Prevented if Leading Indicators For Safety Are Ignored

We’ve all seen and read the articles about how data can help us improve production, quality, safety and environmental performance within the work environment.  With that said, how many of us have actually been close to a real life scenario where an incident happened and data was available, but ...

Using a Data Use Plan to Improve Your Safety Process

The creation and use of a data use plan is a best practice, especially when your goal is to make data driven decisions based on information collected during safety inspections.  In general terms, this is a process that involves reviewing data, analyzing trends, determining action plans for ...
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