Rosa Carrillo

Rosa Carrillo, President of Carrillo & Associates, is a thought leader in transformational leadership for environment, safety and health. She brings 20 years of industry experience with all levels of the organization. Her results and many publications create instant credibility with leadership and the workforce. She is fluent in English and Spanish and is at ease working across many cultures. For more information, please visit her website:

Recent Posts

“Practical Drift”: Why people don’t always follow procedure and can Relationship Based Safety help?

Each year many are injured or killed in incidents where following a procedure or using available safety equipment would have saved his or her life.  Both managers and safety professionals have asked, “Why do people take short cuts and put themselves at risk?”  This article will explore this ...

Relationship Based Safety: Effective Communication Re-examined

Why is it important for leaders to walk through their facilities and engage in conversations? Conversation and dialogue are essential management tools to manage performance. It is the primary activity to ensure employees are receiving the intended communications and to gather important information ...

Relationship Based Safety: The Science and Applications

Many of the responses to our first blog on Relationship Based Safety (RBS) were from people who recognized that building relationships has been an important part of their efforts to improve safety performance. We hope to get more of their stories and incorporate them so that we can all learn from ...

An Introduction to Relationship Based Safety

Relationship Based Safety: Moving Beyond Culture and Behavior was published in the ASSE Safety Professional December 2012 issue. This six part series will break down the main concepts and explain the concept of Relationship Based Safety (RBS), a new safety management perspective based on findings ...
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