James Loud

Mr. Loud’s over 40 years of safety experience includes 15 years with the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) where he served as the supervisor of Safety and Loss Control for a large commercial nuclear facility and later as manager of the corporate nuclear safety oversight body for all three of TVA’s nuclear sites. At Los Alamos National Laboratory he headed the independent assessment organization responsible for safety, health, environmental protection, and security oversight of all Laboratory operations. Mr. Loud is a regular presenter at national and international safety conferences. He is the author of numerous papers and articles. Mr. Loud is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP), and a retired Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM). He holds a BBA from the University of Memphis, an MS in Environmental Science from the University of Oklahoma and an MPH in Occupational Health and Safety from the University of Tennessee.

Recent Posts

Does Your Corrective Action Program Need Corrective Action?

Even the safest organizations frequently identify problems and opportunities for improvement. In fact, many best-in-class organizations actively seek out even minor potential problems so they can address them before they lead to accidents or incidents.   In such companies the lack of large numbers ...

Management Support Is Essential for Safety - But What Is It?

Management support: We all say we want it, need it, and can’t do our jobs without it.  Saying that management support is essential for safety “success” has in fact become something of a safety profession mantra.  A majority of safety professionals, 51.2% according to a 2002 ASSE survey ...

Beyond Whack-a-Mole Safety: Inspection vs. Assessment

Regardless of how it’s done, workplace monitoring is a critical and longstanding function of the safety profession.  It’s also encouraging to see line managers and selected employees increasingly involved in this function as well.  The goal of safety monitoring is to gain a better understanding of ...

Plan, Do, Hope, Pray is Not a Safety System

What Is a Safety System?

Safety Management by Walking Around, Part III

In Safety Management by Walking Around, Part I & Part II of this series we covered the definition and importance of management walkarounds as well some advice on how to conduct them effectively.  In this last article of the series we’ll look at some additional implementation tips and challenges and ...

Safety Management by Walking Around, Part II

In my last article, “Safety Management by Walking Around, Part I”, the critical importance of work observations by managers (and others) was examined.  Keep in mind that these work observations are NOT traditional low value inspections of work space, nor are they limited to observations of a ...

Safety Management by Walking Around, Part I

Much (perhaps too much) of the safety literature of the last few years has focused on employee driven “behavior-based safety” peer observation programs. The fact remains, however, that safety is a line management responsibility. Implied in that responsibility is the need (obligation?) to fully ...
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