Grace Herrera

GRACE HERRERA is a Process Improvement Leader for Predictive Solutions. Grace has more than 15 years of risk and safety experience with expertise in managing a predominantly Hispanic workforce, claims management, and training and development. She has more than six years of experience in general construction safety. In 2010, Grace was named one of the “Top 25 Women to Watch” by Business Insurance. She is a previous author for CFMA Building Profits & EHS Today Magazines has presented at several industry association conferences.

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How BBS differs from other safety processes

BBS (Behavior Based Safety) is a process which focuses on employee behavior during work tasks or in reaction to nearby environmental events. These can include poor lighting, other equipment failures, process breakdowns, or other work conditions.

Approach and Coach – Making Safety a Value

You are heading down the highway driving over the speed limit and you see a police car at the side of the road. Your reaction?  Slam on the breaks and slow down. You pass the police car hoping they don’t pull you over; to your dismay, you see lights in your rear view mirror and a few minutes later ...

The Power of the Observer: Sounding the Alarm with Leading Indicators

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