Dr. Timothy Ludwig

Timothy Ludwig’s website is Safety-Doc.com where you can read more safety culture stories and contribute your own. Dr. Ludwig is a senior consultant with Safety Performance Solutions (SPS: safetyperformance.com), serves as a commissioner for Behavioral Safety Accreditation at the non-profit Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies (CCBS: behavior.org) and teaches behavioral psychology at Appalachian State University, in Boone, NC. You can contact him at TimLudwig@Safety-Doc.com.

Recent Posts

Gone Fish’n: Safety Measurements don’t have to be an Illusion

The measurement revolution began in my prime.  I was working with Industrial Engineers, a nice bunch, with the world-view that everything can be designed to run smoothly.  We were a part of the Quality Revolution.  I had just gone to see W. Edwards Deming for the third time, eager to hear his ...

The Anatomy of Pencil Whipping

It is time to point to the elephant in the room and acknowledge 'Pencil Whipping' during data collection such as with Behavior Based Safety observations. Pencil Whipping is a euphemism used to describe when workers, supervisors, and, yes, safety managers, fill out observation cards, sometimes in ...
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