Carsten Busch

Carsten Busch has studied Mechanical Engineering and after that Safety. He also spent some time at Law School. He has over 20 years of HSEQ experience from various railway and oil & gas related companies in The Netherlands, United Kingdom and Norway. These days he works as Senior Advisor Safety and Quality for Jernbaneverket’s infrastructure division and is owner/founder of

Recent Posts

Zero Harm is an Occupational Disease

I’ll never forget Fred. He never knew, but he has been one of the people who helped to shape my thinking during my first years as a safety professional. With his lean and not even 1,70 m (~ 5’ 6”) short frame he didn’t have an impressive physical appearance, but his personality and commitment sure ...

Heinrich’s Common Cause Hypothesis: A tool for creating safety

Heinrich is among the founders of the modern safety profession, and while decades of additional experience and science have shown us that part of his work is flawed, still a great deal can be learned from his heritage. Also, he has left us at least two strong safety metaphors: the dominos and the ...
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