The Value of Safety Leading Indicator Metrics

In the article “What are Safety Leading Indicators?”, published in National Safety Council’s Safety+Health magazine, a case is made to adopt leading safety indicators instead of relying solely on lagging safety indicators (e.g. injury rates). The reasoning is sound but creating and sustaining ...

Construction Executive: Wearables for Construction

Joseph Kopko writes for Construction Executive about "Wearables" in the construction industry. Kopko defines a wearable as a piece of electronic technology that can be comfortably and easily incorporated into the clothing or personal accessories of employees to collect health & safety data while ...

Measuring Safety Observer Performance

In our last blog article by Dr. Timothy Ludwig, “The Anatomy of Pencil Whipping”, the idea of safety observer quality was introduced. This article, originally published in the VPPPA Leader magazine in 2012, further expands the subject by introducing quantitative measures of observer quality that ...

ISHN: Reduce incidents with universal metrics for leading indicators

Predictive Solutions’ very own Cary Usrey writes about the use of data analytics to identify leading indicators of workplace incidents in this article, featured on Industrial Safety & Hygiene News.

EHS Today: Improving Productivity for the Safety Professional

Featured on EHS Today is an article by Predictive Solutions’ very own Cary Usrey. Cary explains how technology enables safety professionals to “work smarter, not harder.”  

Fix The Employment Problem With Workplace Safety Solutions

Introduction The trends are unmistakable - our changing demographics underscore that workplace safety solutions have never been more important as a tool to attract, maintain, and retain productive teams. The generational gaps in the workforce are widening and the ethnic, economic and gender profile ...

The Blind Spots of Behavioral Safety Programs

An Introduction to Behavioral Safety Programs Behavioral safety observation programs are a mainstay in many safety systems that are looking to move beyond compliance and get employees involved. The idea is pretty straightforward – have employees observe other employees performing job tasks. The ...

Building a Climate for Culture Change: 3 Key Concepts for Your Safety Evolution

Do you have a plan to sustain your safety initiatives?

Myth busting: Are All Accidents Preventable?

Recently, my friend Alan Quilley wrote a fine article in this very blog dealing with Safety Myths.  I thought that it would be a good idea to expand upon this by exploring some myths further. I will start with a very prevalent one that has found its way into many safety policy programs and even ...

Safety Inspections: How Often is Enough?

While implementing a robust and sustainable observation program for companies, one question comes up often:  “How many safety inspections should I do?”  My answer, of course, is, “It depends.”  As cryptic as it may sound, it is true. Safety inspection frequency will depend on several factors:
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